Frame only:

Frame comes with antireflective plastic lenses with A&K printed on left lens.  These lenses are not designed for vision correction.

Single Vision:

A single focus lens design, allowing vision correction at one distance. This type of lens will correct vision for near sightedness or farsightedness.  This type of lens can be ordered in nonprescription for fashion and protection when vision correction is not required.


Also known as a no line bifocal, progressive lenses offer distance, intermediate, and near ranges of focus in one lens.  This design provides effortless vision from near to far, and a more natural reading posture. 


Lens Materials


Impact resistant lens material with UV protection.  This is ideal for most prescription ranges and those with active lifestyles.

1.67 Hi index:

Thinner, lighter lens material beneficial for higher spectacle prescriptions due to reduced weight and edge thickness. Best for prescriptions greater than + or - 4 sphere and -3 cylinder.


Lens Options

Anti-reflective Coating:

A premium lens coating providing visible reflectance color, scratch resistance, glare elimination, anti-static, and a superior hydrophobic and oleophobic layer for longer lasting cleanability. 

Blue Protection Anti-Reflective Coating:

A premium lens coating with all the properties of our anti-reflective coating and HEV blue light filtration. This is beneficial for avid smartphone, tablet, and computer users.

Avulux Lenses:

Precision-engineered lenses designed to filter out blue, amber, and red wavelengths of light known to trigger migraines.  Available in non-prescription, single vision, and progressive technologies. 


Light responsive lenses that darken outdoors when activated by UV light and lighten indoors in the absence of UV light. Providing swift darkening and fade back speeds, our photochromic technology provides the optimal amount of light for every situation.  Available in grey or brown.

Polarized lenses:

Lenses designed to reduce the intense and distracting sun glare by blocking reflections from smooth, flat surfaces.  In addition to the benefits of standard sunglasses, these lenses can improve visual comfort and clarity during water sports and many outdoor activities.

Grey Polarized Lenses:

Grey tint provides true color perception.

Brown Polarized Lenses:

Brown tint enhances color contrast.